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Cyber Crimes: Introduction

Internet has become an indispensable part of our existence. Have a question? Post it on the internet! Have an opinion? Share it on the internet! However, every good thing comes with a price- and in the cyber world your privacy is the price you pay!

The bottom line is - Internet can prove to be unsafe, if we fail to be cautious since there is a high possibility of breach of privacy and security. While some use the internet for work, for entertainment, others might use it for the sake of committing a ‘cyber-crime’. A Cyber Crime is an illegal act that takes place through the medium of a computer, any electronic device or the internet.

From sharing of a scandalous MMS to a credit card fraud, child pornography to cyber terrorism, illegal downloading to identity theft, ‘cyber crime’ is a broad term that constitutes different types of crimes. Currently, cyber-crime is the most common and uncontrolled form of crime in the world, with ever increasing statistics, methods and the ever growing possibilities. Internet can be a boon or a bane, depending on the user!



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