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Legal Topics


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Anticipatory Bail

Police Complaint- ATM/ Credit Card Frauds

Police Complaint- Cyber Crime

First Information Report (FIR) Registration

Impounded Vehicle - Superdari


Sub Categories

Drafting of Commercial Contracts

Reply - PF / ESI Notice


Statutory Compliance in HR

Provident Fund Return Filing

Compliance Audit

Employee State Insurance(ESI) Registration

Employees' Provident Fund Registration

Financial Audit Assessment

ESI Returns Filing

Corporate and Individual Taxation


GST Return Filing Procedure & Format

Tax Audit in India to Check the Accuracy of Tax Return

Income Tax Return Filing in India - Tax Expert

TDS Return Filing in India

GST Registration Process & Requirements in India

Consumer Protection

Sub Categories

Consumer Complaint: Faulty Product/Services

Consumer Complaint For Insurance Claims

File a Complaint Against Medical Negligence

Immigration Services


Canada Permanent Residency (PR Visa): Requirements & Procedure

New Zealand Permanent Residency (PR Visa): Requirements & Procedure

Australia Permanent Residency (PR Visa): Requirements, Fees & Procedure


Sub Categories

Police Complaint - Domestic Violence

Mutual Consent Divorce

Contested Divorce in India

Parsi Divorce Procedure, Divorce Act & Requirements

Judicial Separation Law, Procedure & Legal Help

Annulment of Marriage in India

Restitution of Conjugal Rights in India: Lawyer Services

Dowry system and Complaint procedure in India

Legal Notice - Divorce

Divorce Under Muslim Law


Financial Planning during/after divorce

Recovery of Money

Sub Categories

Recovery of Money: Legal Remedies and Requirements

Legal Notice - Cheque Bounce

Complaint - Cheque Bounce

Police Complaint- Payment Default

Recover Dues From Insolvent & Bankrupt Companies


Sub Categories

Reply to Notice of Trademark Objections

Intellectual Property Rights Infringement

Reply to Copyright Objections


Trademark Search

Trademark Filing

Industrial Design Filing

Geographical Indication-GI Filing

Copyright Filing

Patent Search

Patent Filing-PCT

Provisional Patent Filing

Final Patent Filing


Sub Categories

Non Disclosure Agreement(NDA) Drafting

Service Level Agreement Drafting Procedure

Term Sheet

Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work place

Employee Stock Options Plan(ESOP) Agreement

Procedure to create Employment Agreement

Founders Agreement for Startups in India

Legal Documents Required by a Startup

Vendor Agreement Drafting Procedure

Shareholder, Share Transfer & Subscription Agreements

Drafting of Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer


Partnership Registration in India

Private Limited Company Registration

Other Service Provider-OSP Registration

LLP Registration

One Person Company(OPC) Registration

POSH Training

General Legal

Sub Categories

Drafting of Legal Notice

Environment Issues

Public Interest Litigation(PIL) Filing

Appeal in Court

Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques

Traffic Challan


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Right To Information (RTI) Application


Sub Categories

Maternity Benefit Leave Rules & Remedies

Send Legal Notice for Non-Payment of Salary

Complaint Against Employer for Non-Payment of Salary

Complaint Against Employer For Wrongful Termination

Send Legal Notice To Employer for Wrongful Termination



Fire License/NOC for Building

Shop & Establishment License

FSSAI License Registration: Get Consultation

Entertainment License

Liquor License

Trade License Certificate Registration



Court Marriage

Marriage Certificate

Arya Samaj Marriage


Sub Categories

Legal Guardianship Application

Child Adoption in India: Procedure


Death Certificate Registration Procedure

Birth Certificate

Consultation - Family Matters

Name Change


Sub Categories


Court Stay Order Procedure in India

Breach of Contract Remedies

Complaint - Insurance Ombudsman

Property Law

Sub Categories

Lawyer Service for Gift Deed Registration

Family Property Disputes Settlement and Legal Solution

Legal Notice - Property

Legal Advice on Property Matters & Disputes

Property Possession Delay Complaint in RERA

Will Registration in India

Property Documentation while buying or selling a flat/land

Get Back your Property from Wrongful Possession

Lease Deed Registration & Stamping in India

Rental Agreement Format & Terms in India

Property Possession Delay Complaint in NCLT

Will Probate

Eviction Suit

Property Possession Delay Complaint in Consumer Forum

Sale Deed

Succession Certificate


Property Due Diligence to Minimize Risks

Legal Heir Certificate