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Find the Best Corporate Lawyers for Consumer Grievance Redressal at MyAdvo

Find the best corporate lawyers at MyAdvo for your company's consumer grievance redressal.
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Antim Amlan
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A business-to-customer goods or services provider encounters numerous hurdles while dealing with each client’s needs. A consumer who is unsatisfied by the services provided, or has received a damaged or faulty product for some reason, may move forward to file a case in a consumer court

It can be a massive challenge for you as a company to deal with every consumer complaint filed by people who buy your products or avail your services. Dealing with the every consumer complaint and their legal proceedings can be especially when your business is spread in multiple cities and countries. To deal with consumer complaint redressal, your company requires the services of lawyers in each city where a consumer case has been filed against the branch office. 

MyAdvo connects corporate businesses with the best corporate lawyers for consumer complaint redressal. With a network of 4000+ corporate lawyers in more than 600 cities across India, we connect you with the best corporate lawyers according to your company’s need and legal requirements. 

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A corporate lawyer can defend your company in class action suits, represent your company in the correct consumer dispute redressal forum regarding any allegations of deceptive or unfair business practices, faulty products, deficient services or misleading advertisements. A corporate lawyer can design the risk management strategy for your company in case of consumer disputes.

We facilitate legal services for ‘Hub and Spoke’ business model, making it simpler for businesses who have consumer cases against them in multiple cities and courts. MyAdvo’s corporate lawyers understand the legal requirements of your business, which relates to consumer complaints and provide the right measure for resolution of consumer grievances in district courts, state commissions, and the national forum. 


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A corporate lawyer can draft a business’s Terms and Conditions relating to product warranty and User Policy for the services provided. A well-drafted user policy and terms and conditions reduce the chances of consumer disputes altogether. We facilitate legal services from the best corporate lawyers who completely understand what goes into avoiding consumer disputes, have complete knowledge of legal compliance and court rules. 

Consumer protection laws in India deal with all the consumer-related issues like faulty product of services, medical negligence as well as false advertisements. In other words, consumer protection laws are important for the product development, marketing and advertising, and sales in your company. A lawyer well-versed in this field can help your business in providing a strategy that helps in avoiding and redressing consumer complaints. 

MyAdvo provides every corporate partner, a case manager, who understands all the consumer complaints that the company has to deal with, and connects it with the most suitable corporate lawyers in India. The case manager stays constantly connected with the lawyers and provides you timely follow-ups and case updates.

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Additionally, We have state-of-the-art legal technology solutions that make it easier for corporates to keep a track of each of their cases, provide updates regarding next case hearing, case status, documents needed in a case, and allows them to raise online invoices and assign tasks. 

We provide an integrated solution to businesses for the consumer disputes in the district, national and even the international arena. With a plethora of legal information and legal blogs on its website, MyAdvo enables its clients to make more informed legal choices. 

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We understand the legal dilemma corporate faces while dealing with consumer cases and connects them with the best corporate lawyers. Delegate your legal problems to us- Hire the best corporate lawyers in India in few clicks! Email us at or call us at +919811782573.