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Amazon launches IP Accelerator programme in India for businesses

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Prachi Sethi
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Amazon is a multinational company which is headquartered in Seattle. is a large Internet company which off-line, directly, or as an intermediary between other merchants and millions of consumers offer books, music, films, homeware, electronics, toys and many more commodities. It is more like an internet based super market. Amazon on 4th July, 2021 launched the Intellectual Property Accelerator programme in India, providing access to services of recognized specialists in intellectual property and legal companies by sellers who are also brand owners. Companies can opt, on and Amazon's websites internationally, to work with IP legal firms to obtain trademarks, defend their businesses, and address infringements. Lakhs and lakhs of business especially the small and medium size enterprises will have great support of this initiative taken by Amazon. Intellectual Property Accelerator allows companies, business or enterprises to safeguard their intellectual property rights, which ensures a genuine purchasing experience for everybody. The registration procedure might take up to 18-24 months for registration of trademarks in the Indian intellectual property register (IN TMR). The procedure is time-consuming and difficult for brand owners, particularly from small and medium type enterprises. The IP Accelerator programme assists companies through a network of companies with reputable IP law firms with experience in writing trademark and other IP applications, which are subject matter experts in this sector. These companies can join in overcoming similar barriers to the issuing of a registration that otherwise may further delay. Sellers on Amazon. In’s Service Provider Network (SPN), providing advantages of using the service at one location, can use the programme. Sellers are free to use IP Accelerator company lists on SPN and are free to directly and separately interact with legal firms for their services of choice on a mutually-agreed basis. When Amazon discovers that you have submitted a registration application through an IP Accelerator provider, it will then issue you an invitation to register with the Brand Register. Once you finish your registration, it instantly enrols you in its automated brand protection, provides you with a violation tool and access to the report and other brand-building functionality. The IP Accelerator software of Amazon offers only pre-defined prices to its law firms when you file your trademark, which include both your brand name and your design mark (the logo of your brand). your brand name.


Although these legal firms may also be recruited for IP-related services such as submitting design patent applications or copyright applications, there are no pre-negotiated charges for Amazon and between you and your selected law firm the price of these extra services will need to be fixed. You can apply at ( You will be asked in which nation you intend to sell and which service (IP Accelerator, duh) you need assistance with, and you will be provided with a selection of legal firms you choose from when you click on the 'Get Started' button. Click on any law firm and you’ll be taken to a page where you can read reviews from other Amazon sellers that have used them, and contact that lawyer yourself. If your application is refused, the brand protection elements for that trademark application will no longer be available for you.


  • It provides protection your brand from underhanded competitors.
  • Allows you to broaden your listing and build a stronger sales pitch with pictures, copies and videos.
  • Allows you to run split tests of your A+Content to fully optimize its potential.
  • Helps you to create a website for your brand within
  • Helps you to track your off-Amazon marketing to know exactly which pieces are working.
  • Helps you in promotion of your business via social media marketing.


The IP Accelerator Programme launched by the amazon is a great initiative which in particular will be beneficial for small and medium size enterprises. It will help you protect and secure trademark without getting involved in a complex process. It will provide you with many benefits as mentioned above. One must get themselves registered with the brand register so as to gain the benefits mentioned above and to secure and protect their trademark without getting to go through the complex process.