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Apprentices Act, 1961


1 Short title, Extent, Commencement and ApplicationView Details
10 Related instruction of apprenticesView Details
11 Obligations of EmployersView Details
12 Obligations of ApprenticesView Details
13 Payment to ApprenticesView Details
14 Health, Safety and Welfare of ApprenticesView Details
15 Hours of Work, Overtime, Leave and HolidaysView Details
16 Employer's Liability for compensation for injuryView Details
17 Conduct and DisciplineView Details
18 Apprentices are trainees and not workersView Details
19 Records and ReturnsView Details
2 DefinitionsView Details
20 Settlement of DisputesView Details
21 Holding of test and grant of certificate and conclusion of trainingView Details
22 Offer and Acceptance of EmploymentView Details
23 AuthoritiesView Details
24 Constitution of councilsView Details
25 Vacancies not to invalidate Acts and ProceedingsView Details
26 Apprenticeship AdvisersView Details
27 Deputy and Assistant Apprenticeship AdvisersView Details
28 Apprenticeship Advisers to be public servantsView Details
29 Powers of Entry, Inspection, Etc.View Details
3 Reservation of Training Places for the scheduled castes and the scheduled tribes in designated, tradesView Details
30 Offences and PenaltiesView Details
31 Penalty where no specific penalty is providedView Details
32 Offences by CompaniesView Details
33 Cognizance of OffencesView Details
34 Deligation of PowersView Details
35 Construction of ReferencesView Details
36 Protection of Action taken in good faithView Details
37 Power to make rulesView Details
4 Contract of ApprenticeshipView Details
5 Novation of contract of apprenticeshipView Details
6 Period of apprenticeship trainingView Details
7 Termination of apprenticeship contractView Details
8 Number of apprentices for a designated tradeView Details
9 Practical and Basic training of apprenticesView Details

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