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Advocate Rini Mathew

Attorney at Commercial Law Advisors
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I am a Lawyer and contract expert with over 3+ years in providing legal service to sole proprietors, start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses. I specialize in Transaction Advisory, General Corporate Commercial, Privacy and Data Protection, Technology Law and Commercial Contracts. Here is the list of Services I offer: I. Advisory: Providing end to end support for sole proprietors, start up and mid sized businesses. Offering legal and GDPR compliance support. II. Technology Contracts: Understanding the technology industry and providing bespoke contracts as per your requirement. General contracts include: 1. Confidentiality compliance [Non Disclosure Agreements] 2. Master Service Agreements [including Order forms, Statement of Work] 3. Cloud Computing and SaaS Agreements 4. Vendor Contracts 5. Customer Contracts 6. Reseller/ Partnership Agreements 7. Technology Partnership 8. Memorandum of Understanding 9. License Agreements 10. GDPR Compliance [Data Protection, Doing Business in EU, UK, US] 11. Website Compliance [Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Acceptance Use of Policy] III. Intellectual Property Related Services 1. Trademark Filings [India and U.S] 2. Legal Opinions 3. Cease and Desist Notice 4. Opposition Action 5. Trademark Infringement 6. Trademark Renewal 7. IP Assignment Agreements 8. IP Licensing Agreements The most important aspect of any commercial transaction is in the details of the agreement, but unfortunately, most people lacks the eye for detailing. Every information added to the profile is tailored for the specific business and the requirement of the client. I focus on understanding the business and the need of the client as it is the key essence to successful contract. Feel free to reach out to me for the above listed services.
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