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Top 5 factors to consider before finalizing a lawyer

Posted By MyAdvo / January 13, 2017 / Uncategorized / 0 Comments

Do you know that Indian law schools produce an average of 2 lacs lawyers per year? But in spite of this ample supply of legal talent in our nation, majority of us face a crunch while finalizing a lawyer for our respective cases.

If supply-demand dynamics is falling in place, then what do you think is hampering the smooth functioning of the system??

The fundamental dilemma here is that 90% of us lack the basic wisdom of choosing the right lawyer for our case. If this foundation stone is laid correctly, the job is half done .

With full confidence in my legal experience, let me tell you that a good lawyer can make your case, while a bad one can definitely screw up things!

There are many factors that differentiate one lawyer from the other, of which I am going to share five most important considerations to weigh before deciding who is the perfect fit for you:

1. Experience

Consider hiring a legal expert who specializes and has considerable experience for the kind of case that you have. This can be done by looking at the track record of the attorney, finding approximately how many of his cases are similar to yours. This would ensure that the case is dealt in a faster and more efficient manner and more likely to be decided in your favour, thus ensuring best possible outcome.

2. Legal Competence

It must be ensured that the retained lawyer is up-to- date with legal developments and is aware of the precedents, in order to adequately represent the client better. To evaluate the competence, look for articles/papers/informational items the attorney has written or contributed to. Further asking for his opinion on the strengths and the weaknesses of problem like yours. This would show your attorney’s experience and expertise with the cases of similar nature.

3. Background

Before hiring any lawyer, it is important to check if any disciplinary actions have been taken against him. It is very important that the lawyer enjoys a good standing as a member of the bar.

4. Personality

A lawyer should preferably be honest and simple, communicative, accessible and responsive. There should be a comfort level and mutual respect between the client and the attorney. Ask the lawyer about your case’s chances of failure/ success. If he sounds unusually optimistic and does not mention an of the risks associated with the proceedings, then the lawyer is not being honest.

5. Fees

It is important to inquire about the fees of the lawyer in order to decide whether you can afford his services or not. Thus, it would be wise to obtain an estimate of the case cost (litigation expenditures) and attorney’s fees preferably in writing. It is important to remember that a good lawyer does not necessarily mean that you will win the case but only that with a good lawyer you will have best chances for a positive result.



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