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I want to Sell my own branded products such as Rajmah, Ghee, Honey etc

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I have already a shop on name of my grandfather which I want to transfer on my name and open the new store in it.
Please provide details what needs to be done and charges for it.

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Now in after completing 5 years the builder claims that we have to pay the service tax as the registration was done after June 2010.I purchased the flat for 45,00,000rs and the service tax with interest builder claims with interest is 3,75,000 rs. The builder did not give any occupancy certificate. and when we are asking for occupancy certificate he is tying that to service tax. We are 14 to 18 flat owners who are facing this issue in our apartment.

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I have recently started freelancing, but yet to earn a lot through it. I do not have a registered sole proprietorship or a OPC. Recently a client has asked to send in a official receipt for her accounts. Am I eligible to issue any such document? If not How do I recieve my payment in a legal manner.

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I’m located in Bengaluru. I mainly work for clients abroad, especially in Europe.

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I was working with IIT. i retired and entitled to pension. But the organization have debited my pension after deducting the Tax.

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Sir, I am a seamstress in alwarpet, chennai. i wish to sell clothes to local retail stores.

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I was unaware of the mandate of tax filing and have eventually missed filing return for a year. I was now received an email from the Compliance team of the Income Tax department seeking a response on the non-submission.

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I Purchased a car from kerala. and registered it in tamilnadu. So I paid entry tax. actually entry tax include VAT. but I already paid VAT at the time of purchase. So my entry tax must be reduction of this VAT amount right. I asked commercial tax officers in some other region about this they confirmed this. but in my region they never accept this. And they told me to pay full VAT(nearly 67000). so i paid that by DD. VAT is under central Govt right. why I want to pay VAT in two pleases.

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Iam about to start an online clothing store from New Delhi India. May i know what else documents are required to execute the business successfully.

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Service tax on difference in freight

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Dear Sir, I want to know whether any anti dumping duty is still applicable on import of truck radial tyres from China. I have heard that the tribunal has set aside the add and also the tenure of 5 yr from the date of notification is over. but still confused. . Please provide details regarding the matter and clear the doubt about anti dumping duty.

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up to how much rupees one can have education gift/loan from relatives or friend

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What is the permissible limit of gold allowed for one person, if traveling from Dubai to India? What can we do if gold get seized? How to recover it?

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we are constructing a cold storage building at present.The purpose of this building is food processing and storage for exporting.Since this building comes under section 14 d and e of central excise negative list (http://taxguru.in/service-tax/updated-negative-list-of-service-tax-from-01-04-2015.html), we haven’t paid central excise tax.But last week we received a letter from central excise that we should pay tax immediately.kindly help us to convince them that this building is under negative list.

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(1) we are SSI unit and crossed 1.5 Cr sale value, do we need to apply C.Ex duty now on basic amount?, what is the rate of duty? (2) do we need to intimate the excise department about this? (3) we have been running industry since 2007, but first time crossed 1.5 CR sale value, we have applied for excise registration online (4) what other mandatory records are to be maintained? Please advise clearly.Â

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Central government gave industrial package to j&k of 100 % excise exemption and other tax holidays for 10 fromvdate of production years. People started investing by taking bank loans and other sources. In 2008 central government I’m between withdrew the package and parties become bank defaulter and bank filed recovery suits as no of units were closed.what is legal opinion whether borrower only is sufferer or any legal remedy.

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This site seems to be authentic, under GeoTrust. I have also won lotteries around $25 in these two months. I received the money and I used it to purchase more tickets. Now suppose if I win the jackpot, ‘bet365’ will help me claim the winning amount but will it be possible to bring the money to india?

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I have received notice from deputy commissioner of income tax office of circle-1 ghaziabad under section 147,148 income tax act,1956. DY. Demanded document of following record of company 1. List of share holder as on 31-3-2007 2. Balance sheet of 31-3-2007 3. Share holder register copy of folio of Ajay kumar maurya I requested to blue moon developer by mail and register latter to provide me this documents.I want to give legal notice

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I want to know how can i save myself from paying tax from that money i received.

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