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my mother have 5 sisters no bother, mother’s mom died 7 year ago ,
my mom’s father alive , but all land belongs to my grandmother ( mom’s mother ) but she is no more and we would like to know how the property will disturbed ?

5 views asked agoProperty/Real EstateNanded

I am a part owner of that parcel of land with other relatives of mine and the person who has constructed a concrete structure is not owner of the land not even part owner

7 views asked agoProperty/Real EstateMumbai

I want to do gift deed of my flat in blood relation (to father) which i bought sixth months back and I am having home loan. Can I do a gift deed. What are the steps. What are your charges.

6 views asked agoProperty/Real EstatePune

I want to do gift deed of my flat in blood relation (my father) which i bought sixth months back and I am having home loan. Can I do gift deed of my flat. What are the steps involved. What are your charges. How much I have to pay.

6 views asked agoProperty/Real EstatePune

Registered will

7 views asked agoProperty/Real EstateKangra

Daughters are married and they left there husbands and leaving them.

10 views asked agoProperty/Real Estatekhammam

Need Quotation for obtaining Search info & reviewing sale deed

20 views asked agoProperty/Real Estatebengaluru

Father made property with grandfather gifted money & put it in new HUF. Father died 2010 & made WILL excluding daughter(married before 2005). Can daughter ask for partition.

18 views edited question agoProperty/Real EstateNew delhi

my father has self earned property. he expired without a will. we have transferred khata to mothers name. i have a brother. i am the daughter may i know my right on the property

23 views edited question agoProperty/Real Estatebangalore

I’m buying a property in Bengaluru from a women (Her husband has brought and registered property in her name, Husband is also alive), they have two daughters (both married), one is residing in bengaluru second daughter is in USA, should I take no objection signatures from both of her daughters before registration of property.

20 views edited question agoProperty/Real EstateBengaluru

My Grandmother purchased a property sometime in 1950’s and before her death she maid a will stating, her husband will enjoy the property post her death and after his death her 2nd son (my father) will be the sole owner of the property. Basis the same, now the property is in my father’s name. My Father expired in 1995 without making any will. Now, my mother, my sister (married) and myself (married) are alive. I would like to know post my mother’s death, will I be the sole owner of the property or my sister can also claim share in it.

18 views edited question agoProperty/Real EstateHyderabad

Hi, I want to buy flat in Bangalore. I am doing inquire about flats. But one builder told, There is no OC and CC for that complete G+5 apartment. If i want to buy 4th floor flat without OC and CC for all flats. But SBI Bank approval is there . Is it okay to buy this flat.Because i heard from some people , if i am going to cell same flat in future , it will be problem. please advice me, is it okay for going to buy this flat or not.

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As I say, the goon is now not emptying our plot and the buyer told us they only buy if we give him empty plot. We talk with that goon he is telling he will not move his truck ftom there at any cost. What are the legal option we have and how much time it takes? Please help.

15 views edited question agoProperty/Real EstateIndore

I filed a case against my uncle about proper distribution of property in 2013. Now the online case status is showing the “Awaiting Summons”. How much time will be taken by court to start actual trial of case after the Awaiting Summons status of civil case?

13 views edited question agoProperty/Real EstateAhmednagar

My wife owned property in her name. though the purchase of the property was funded by me. he registered in my wife’s name, now my wife is expired & i have 2 son and 1 daughters, my question is can i transfer the property to my name which was owned by my wife.1son 1 daughter
My Query:
1) Who would be the legal heir of the proper.and the legal process

37 views answered agoProperty/Real EstateMumbai
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