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my grandmother died on 2003 and she has 6 daughter only and no sons
my grandfather is live, agriculture land named on my grandmother only,
now my mother want her share but my grandfather is refusing our request so tell me what we are demanding is it legal? as my mother don’t have bother,

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about child visitation case

22 views answered agoLegal DraftingBangalore

Includes three partners, with one partner assuming MD role with all power in one hand. No arbitration clause.

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Legal drafting with different vendors and employees

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We are the leading hotel sales and marketing consultant in bangalore , we need to MOU or Agrement to be done against properties which we are consultanting need help

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I have a will know I want to make another will is it necessary to cancel the 1st one.

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Please advice me given above details.

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I noticed in many places, it is written like “My Last Will and Testament”.

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Please explain the process of registering a will.

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Please help me how to draft agreement for Hotel sales and marketing consultant agreement with terms and conditions

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they sent me abroad just before my resignation on work but told me to take a tourist visa and they were not treating me well during my notice period. so I left.

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Can you kindly let me know the costing for starting off a home delivery food service in bangalore

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Can you kindly let me know the costing for all the licenses required to start a home delivery food business

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From Hindustan Cables Limited a central PSU, my arrearrs of wage revision wef 1-1-1997 have not been paid even after my retirement since 31-12-2014.

27 views answered agoLegal Draftinggurgaon

Can Trustees expense all their expenses from the interest earned from the trust

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I am about to start an online clothing store base in New Delhi India. May i know what else documents are needed to execute successfully .

74 views answered agoLegal DraftingNew Delhi

the person is dead. how do we go about now.

72 views answered agoLegal DraftingMumbai

one is to be enjoyed by his elder son who is my father and another one by his younger son after his death and his wife’s death. He has also mentioned in the WILL that he wants his daughter’s marriage to be carried out in a well manner with all necessity so she has a good life ahead. My grandfather wrote the WILL in 1993 which expired in the same year.

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The youngest Brother who was staying with father now asking her Concern on Paper to High court for Petition of the Last will…Letter clearly says her accord Irrevocable consent and no objection to grant a probate. She and her sibling does not know about the content of Will. What should she do ?

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She want it to transfer all to her children only. Because of my father’s bad and unsupported behavior, she don’t want to give any share or power of control to him. How should she write her will to make it legally strong and indisputable ? Following is her rough outlook ” After my death, all my property will be transferred and used equally to my 3 children Mr X, Mr Y and Miss Z only. ” Should she further write “No body else will have any share or authority in my property. ” Or just naming the nominee’

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