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I have a health insurance from Max Bupa since 2014 since i have taken a personal loan from Bajaj. Now I have a critical illness for which i have submitted the claim on 09 JUN 16 and the TAT is 45 days and after 45 days they said my Max Bupa Insurance form is not duly signed , so they again called me to the office and mentioned it will take another 15 days after the TAT is over , now I am continuously writing to them but there is no response. Can I take any legal action?

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Dear Sir / Madam

I am Prasad. My car met an accident on Jan 4 2016. It was because of the mistake of Lorry driver. I filed an FIR. Then I got my car repaired using my Car Insurance. Total cost of repair was around Rs. 81 thousand. But Bajaj Insurance company paid the Car showroom only Rs. 41 thousand. The reason they gave was Car was 9 years old. I have paid the rest Rs. 40 thousand from my picket.

Now, I want to get remaining Rs. 40 thousand through the Lorry Insurance. Could you please guide me how to get that?


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LIC policy is issued to me on the basis of fraud agent’s documentation. the agent’s husband has signed the documents in his wife’s name. His wife is the agent and policy is real. Please help.

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to the insurance company.now the company is denying the rightful claim saying that since she had cancer they wont pay and are also accusing us of delayed payments on our annual premiums.Please assist

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we are willing to pay another 1,50,000 is there any legal route that can ensure the same?

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Vehicle Insured was sold Unauthorizedly by the fraudster after meeting with an accident and also claimed the Insurance in my name in the yea 1.11.2011. Claim above mentioned was claimed, settled and disbursed, which itself is illegal.
Now Reliance General Insurance state that Claim is settled. No further response. Consumer Commission matter the written say submitted states that the matter is criminal complications hence the commission does not have Jurisdiction.

Need your valued guidance Reg. any Apex Court Ruling as well as Other course of actions apart from Consumer commission OR any other course of action that can be taken.

Pl. guide.


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three operations were done to me for that accident . so can i claim those money in the court by having that lorry insurance company

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If a private passenger bus hit a bike, and one of the person from bike injured a lot.

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my brother left leg was crushed & we had medical expenditue of 10 lakh due to it

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Renewal date passed. Grace period may also pass resulting in loss of benefits on continuity. What remedy available to elicit response from Insurance co.?

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