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I am not earning good enough in India to pay off my debts in Dubai. These bankers or their agents are continuously threatening my old aged Mother and other family members. They are telling that I will have an international travel ban and Interpol is also looking for me or issued an alert to catch me. I just wanted to know, is it true that I will have a travel ban in such cases, if I wanted to travel to USA or Any other country other than middle east? Can Interpol stop me? Can these companies file a case against me in India? Appreciate, your early response.

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My J1 visa to the US expired on 23rd of December. I was on an internship and my employed gave me a job offer and is willing to sponsor my H1B. The issue is that I have a 212(e) requirement which means I need to spend two years in India before I can apply for a status change. However, this requirement can be waived off. The process to do is is very confusing. Can any here help me with the process as I’m already back in India.

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Have a J1 visa that expired on the 23rd of December. Employer will be applying for H1B. Need to get the 2 year residency in home country requirement waived off. I know I need to get NORI but the whole process seems really confusing.

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I have received an Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residence in Canada. In the proof of funds, they ask us to declare the outstanding debts I have in my name. I have 2 personal loans, one being 13 lacs and the other 3 lacs. I am worried that with this amount as debt, the Immigration Officer will reject my application. What are other means of approaching this situation?

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Would like to file PR for Canada and like to have a genuine later taking care of my documentations

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Immigration to Canada using express entry, me and my spouse.

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I am currently working as an engineer, however i want to go for MS and subsequently PHD in the USA. When i was 19 i had a car crash with a police pcr van and was falsely accused under ipc 279 and 337. rash and negligent driving and causing hurt due to negligence.
now 8 years later im 27 and still not able to go for my masters due to this case.

The case is nowhere near completion and the only way to end it right away is to plead guilty and take a conviction and fine.
since i am already 27 i dont want to wait anylonger for the case to end, therefore i want to know how a conviction will affect my chances for visa , university application and eventually greencard application for USA and canada

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I got PR 6months back and have been to australia for 1.5month post that. I want to take my single parent with me infuture for longer period. I need info on possibilities for same.

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An immigration agent has promised to get my immigration documents processed in consideration of Rs10,000. the contract sent by him however is simply T&C put on a plain paper without the company’s logo or registered office. also it does not make the company liable in anyway if the promised work is not completed.

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Please let us know what countries can we apply for and what are our chances for securing a permanent residency?

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What all legal formalities and documents are required

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I am a freelance journalist and author, PhD, worked with national and international newspapers. My daughter is in 9th grade studying French as second language. She wants to study in the West, especially in Canada. I want to immigrate to make her dream come true.

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What are the services charges for Australia immigration for PR 189/190 visa, as per your company for a person with spouse?

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I am an engineering graduate and want to move to Australia and look for a job there. I don’t have any close family relatives there. How can I move there? can a lawyer help me with this?

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I have worked as a Software Developer and now working in Business operations.

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Canada is the first priority. Also open for Study visa for my wife

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