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We had partition of our house property in 1989 and brother (A) family are in possession of the house property allotted to A in partition in 1989 with seperate gate. Son(A) died on 22nd feb 2005 & mother(C) had inherited share in predeceased son property with A’s widow & two children & according to my understanding mother’s share in son A’s property will be 1/4. Mother died on 20 jan.2007. she did not file petition for possession & partition during her life time against brother(A).I(B) am one of the legal heirs of mother & brother(B) can claim share in brother(A) property since mother(C) had died & brother (B) being mother’s (C) successor.When statutary provision of 12 years time of adverse posession against me(B) would run out to claim mother(C) inherited share in predecesed son(A)property.
Sir, my question is what will be the starting date of adverse possession against me(B). Will it be from the date my brother(A) died or from the date my mother(C) died. Will the 12 year period be counted from my brother’s(A) death or from the date of mother’s (C) death. Kindly provide citations, without citation my problem will not be solved.
Parvathy Thilagam vs Rengasamy Nadar(Died) on 23 August, 2016 in which “Chinnammal till her death on 16.01.1985 and thereby they prescribed title adverse possession. Chinnammal lost her right in the property.”
C would have lost her right in A’s property if C did not file partition suit within 12 years from A’s death and B would have inherited nothing. My question also is why B will get fresh start of 12 years limitation since B had inherited 12 years limitation period only from C. C was first successor to A’s property and B is second successor to A’s property after death of C. I need citation for it.

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Please Provide me some decided case laws on the above question

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Please provide me with some decided case laws??

12 views asked agoGeneral LegalNew Delhi

require the step by step process to start a cafe business

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I am currently finding a lawyer in a specific field of practice, but unfortunately this particular type of lawyers are not vastly available in the area where it is happening.

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One of Customers is promising to pay but all cheques are getting returned due to insufficient funds

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its been 5 year ,still case going on.from last 3 year no hearing happen.how to request judge to give result.i am not only one,there are 300 students like me still facing issue.
College Name-International Institute of Information Technology

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As of now, no legal proofs are taken care. It’s been 6 months now

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I have a property in Chennai but I live in Delhi. I have lost my papers of property. So is it possible that I get my duplicate property papers through lawyer in Delhi itself as I am unable to go to Chennai.

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please explain this case for me i have a report on it and don’t understand what it’s about and can’t find resources online

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I was a regional head of a MNC and had to make official trips frequently. Also, being administrative head of the region, I had to make other official expenses. The convention was that we had to pay first and then claim reimbursement on submitting bills. As per HR manual, bills were to be submitted within one month of expense-date. I submitted some bills late due to which they were rejected. Hence, I have not got money which I spent from my personal account for official matters. I left the company in 2015 and have written to them but they are not responding. My claims pertain to expenses of years 2012, 2013 & 2014. Is there a legal way to pursue and get my claims back of Rs. 8 lakhs?

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i am residing in delhi and want to register my will for the property in noida,do not want to appoint an executor

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I am an assistant to VP of software MNC.
We need to file a civil suit in next 2 days.
Today, we need to get legal notice delivered to accused.
Only the response over SMS will be replied.

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Passed the backlog courses with permission from Head of Department. But results not declared by college by saying it was against the ordinance. I appealed and they rejected, dean and director both. For the fault of Head or administration, I am suffering from last 6 months, cant go for job or higher studies.

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A person has asked me to get a medical seat.he has asked me to invest the first 50 lakhs from my side to reserve the seat and will repay me in installments. We have also signed an mou and an agreement for this. He has given me a post dated cheque for fifty lakhs also, when the agreement is signed. Now after doing investment, he is saying he doesn’t want the seat.
Can I submit the cheque in bank to retrieve my money.?
Will the mou and agreement along with the cheque will be legally binding.?
What are the chances he can fight against this?

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its been 5 year ,still case going on.from last 3 year no hearing happen.how to request judge to give result.i am not only one,there are 300 students like me still facing issue.
College Name-International Institute of Information Technology

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I want to learn the procedure of filing a Writ in High Court and Supreme Court.

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Hi My dad filed an affidavit in a civil case between brothers about a property. He stated that he doesn’t want to be part of the case. We want to know if he can reverse that affidavit. We are not sure if that case has come up trail or not. Please let me know if you need more details.

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The amount is big and I’m helpless.

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