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My wife filed a false complaint that I have beaten her and went to police station on 16/9/2016 and police called me on 18/9/2016 and assaulted me in front of my wife and her relatives. She on her complaint also said that I was demanding money from her. I have recording in which she said that one of SI told her to write a false complaint against me. Ever since that Police has been calling for Counselling. They are picking me up from house for counselling. SHO is ordering this action.My wife is not ready to file 498a but wanted counselling and she wants to force enter my home again through Police. Earlier police ask me to Bring MOU. I drafted it and Shown to SHO and my wife but my wife refused to sign on it. Instead she wanted police to make a simply agreement and on that both of us should agree. I refused to such agreement. Can take action against police for assaulting and Torturing me. Whom to report.what action will take place on police? I am Muslim.I want justice

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i want legal advise to solve the issue

22 views answered agoDivorce & AlimonyBangalore

I just married 1/2month ago, but my wife is incompatible, mental problem

11 views asked agoDivorce & AlimonyAGARTALA

i want legal advice to solve the problem

12 views asked agoDivorce & AlimonyBangalore

i got secong maraage . i hve been harased by my first wife that she will go to court. i dont have marrage certificate of my second marrage i have akid with second wife please advice

14 views asked agoDivorce & Alimonybangalore

I married 2year ago, till now we have no child. I am a selfemployed person. Give me the suggation for divorce.

32 views answered agoDivorce & AlimonyNew delhi

Jewelry that she received from her family in India. Does court even consider that jewelry for division purposes.

79 views answered agoDivorce & AlimonyLeawood

I filed for divorce almost a year back. Wife is engaged in delaying tactics by not coming to court. Her family is demanding obscene amounts of money. Every time I try to speak to my wife she throws a tantrum, and they are threatening with false cases against me. There is constant stress in the house because of this. How can I get her to vacate the house. I have offered to pay the rent but she has refused.

14 views asked agoDivorce & AlimonyMumbai

my marriage had taken place on feb this year.

23 views asked agoDivorce & AlimonyKalyan

Now I want to file an appeal against the judgment in District court.
Under which section I have to file an appeal?
1) Under Order XLI of Civil Procedure Code
2) Under section 28 of Hindu Marriage Act 1955
3) Under Order XLI of Civil Procedure Code read with section 28 of Hindu Marriage Act 1955

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My mother left us 18 years back and now put a case for maintenance even though she stays with my elder brother. Court has passed an IA on myself and my dad to pay Rs.4,000/- each. My dad is not earning much still the order was passed for him to pay 4k. I really want to fight back as we are not willing to pay any money to her .

13 views asked agoDivorce & AlimonyBangalore

I hv filed divorce case with my wife. It is contested yet however i hv spoken to her to give me divorce mutually but she partly ready and there is high chanc ethat she refuse for it. I hv been suggested by my lawyer if my wife signes an affidavit that i can marry again then my would be wife will get all rights of a wife. I want to clarify does that mean i got an approval to have two wives or what?
Pls put a light on this.

Amit Yadav

220 views answered agoDivorce & AlimonyNew Delhi

My wife deserted me and took my adopted son aged 5yrs last year to her parents place in Pune. Earlier my in-laws were staying in Gurgaon and they also have an house in Delhi. Just to make it difficult to access my son, my in-laws moved to Pune. I am based in Delhi.

80 views answered agoDivorce & AlimonyDelhi

I am PhD in physics. My husband is a professor in Chandigarh. My parents have well established family.

69 views answered agoDivorce & Alimonyamritsar

I was in a domestic relationship with a guy for two years under the false promise of marriage. The guy purchased the property and soon he started harassing me mentally (to evict the flat) and sexually harassed me (sodomy). Has done forced sexual intercourse without my consent sometimes. His parents have threatened me that if I am not leaving the flat, they will murder me..
The guy used to drink daily after we moved in togther and also started taking drugs..use to beat me and put clothes in my mouth when I use to ask for help. Has taken me to depression and made me commit suicide. At present, I have filed domestic violence case against him and got the order from the court for not evicting me from the shared household. He has replied to the main petition and has written some of the derogatory statements and submitted to the court without any documents. I am filing rejoinder affidavit because I have all the proofs of his mental, economical harassment.
Where he has abused me verbally 69 times and insulted parents and friends( audio recordings). Also, I have audio recording where he has admitted that his mother has mentally harassed me..
The guy is now in a relationship with another girl and flewed out from the country..
I don’t want any money but I need justice of my sufferings of the two years.

45 views answered agoDivorce & AlimonyPune

Me and my wife have been divorced in Australia. We both are citizens there living separate. If I file a divorce case in India or if she goes to court against me in false dowry case or other cases,can she claim her right in my ancestral property ? This property is on my parents name ,and they are still alive. And can she file false dowry and other false cases in Indian courts while both of us are living abroad permanently as divorced couple?

36 views answered agoDivorce & AlimonyLudhiana

I had filed divorce petition in DEC 2014, my wife has not given reply till now . What should I do now?

53 views answered agoDivorce & Alimonydelhi

My grandmother in law has a property and i have a seven months old baby boy. Please revert complete procedure.

50 views answered agoDivorce & AlimonyLucknow

We are christians and wants to get a divorce by mutual consent. How should we go about it?

35 views answered agoDivorce & AlimonyNew Delhi
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