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me and my g.f love each other. we are good boyfriend and girlfriend. but one boy is disturturing us. i have no idea what to do

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I want to file fraud case against my brother. Since he has made registrate sale deed without my concern our permission. I have paid home load for 15 years and I have evidence of bank statement and other proofs. pls help

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During our schooldays back in 2005, due to rough behavior of one teacher we have created some disruption in against him, and thus the principal has put case on 17 students (then all were below 18years). Afterward the matter was solved in a meeting of our parents and teachers, and we have put a KVP of Rs. 2000 per student also as security. We thought the matter was solved, but recently we got summon letter from SDJM court to appear before the court on specific date. Please advise how to end the case.

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My brother was arrested by police due to fake charges by a girl.

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I am charged on 354/324/323/504/506 . I am realesed on bail & now the police has started a chapter poceding case 110 on me. There is harrasement to meet ACP every week once

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The accuse is absconding and the case is not moving forward and i m just getting the dates, this is happening from past 4 years, wat do i do to come out of this mess.

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My sister got married in March’16 and shifted to Delhi with her husband. She got to know that whatever her husband had claimed before marriage about his salary, assets & livelihood is fake. Her husband & in-laws had also taken dowry from us during marriage and kept on harrassing my sister for more money.Her husband was also involved in domestic violence with her wherein he has severely injured her several times. He also has an extra marital affair with a girl who stays in Delhi (we have an audio clip in which both her husband and that girl is plotting a conspiracy to fetch money from us and to share among them).He used to torture my sister by abusing her physically & verbally and threatening her. He used to call his brothers & friends to his home to threaten my sister. He had also installed a spyware in my sister’s phone and used to stalk & record all her phone calls.
During one such incidents in aug’16, he injured her severely and left the home (probably went to his brother’s home who stays at 15min distance) leaving my sister alone there for 6 days. I went to Delhi & took my sister back home in Bangalore. As I had to go on an urgent business trip, I was abroad for the last two months, between which he had come to our house in Bangalore misbehaved & abused my mother, created a ruckus and threatened everyone.
After coming back, I gave a complaint about all this in nearby police station but they seem not so interested & told us to move to the court saying they cant do anything as it is a family matter. Although they gave an acknowledgement of the complaint but didn’t register a FIR. Even the lawyers whom I spoke to are lethargic and simply delaying the process. I want to initiate a criminal case against her husband & inlaws in Bangalore. Also wanted to know if the marriage can be annulled because it was on false information.Please guide us.

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Seems Gupta

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I am the store manager of a supermarket retail. One insecticide legal officer got annoyed on not agreeing to his unreasonable demand of some free on products offer which is not valid. He is putting up a case against me for some insecticide prescribed guidelines not met at the store. He is saying that the store manager and director will be imprisoned immediately after putting it up? How can i save myself from this?

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Hi, I was stopped at a nakabundi on 24th Feb’ 2013 . I had consumed one can of beer 1 hours ago, and on doing the breath analyzer test, my reading was 114 – which apparently is over the legal limit. I accepted that I had one beer, and was then taken to the chowki, where I paid what they called a ‘fine’ of Rs. 2100. My license and RC book have been kept by the police but they let a friend of mine drive the car home. I’ve been asked to come to the police chowki , from whence, they said they will take me to court. What is the best thing for me to do here on? Should I plead guilty? Should I plead non-guilty? What happens if I’m convicted? Please help.

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Hi. I’m 34 years.. my boyfriend has live in relationship..5+ years ..he promised me to marry after he settled down in business.now he is settled..month back he messaged me that we are not going long in this relationship so we have to breakup..and said u have to accept this that we are not in this relationship anymore …and then he told wants to marry another girl of his religion.for his parents..now I’m in critical condition that I left job for him .. I lost my mother last year.no one there to help me for this.what do for this problem please suggest me.can I take legal action against him\

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i am against the chaining of animals and using their milk for personal use.

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they are now claiming 5 Lakhs as interest for the amount please advise what action i can take against them?

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In the end, she had no choice but to attempt suicide, now she wants to take that person to the court. Can she get any justice?

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How can I disown him. Also how to make a Will against my son?

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I am an old lady and was travelling with my son, his wife and their new born baby from 2ac coach of a train. Our train reached at destination station a remote village at 1 am in the night. My son had to pull the emergency chain, as i was not able to get out of the train on time. An RPF constable who was totally drunk has beaten my son brutally and was abusing me and my daughter in law very badly. He then left both of us ladies in jungle with our one mnth old baby and dragged our son into the train forcefully into the train. We were left unattended in the jungle. He took my son to next station, and handed over to police station from where my son got bail on 1000 rs penalty. We have complained to all the senior officials of railway including DIG and rail minister. The only answer i have got in these six mnths is that the matter is under enquiry. Kindly let me know, how can i sue him….i have all the documents, train ticket, fir copy from thana and penalty receipt.

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We were married without their consent and my wife is being harassed by her mother. What legal action can I take against my in-laws. I have marriage registration certificates and all other necessary documents.

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I shifted from that place in 2014 and in December 2015 he filed a cheque bouncing case against me, what should I do

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