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My Grandmother purchased a property sometime in 1950’s and before her death she maid a will stating, her husband will enjoy the property post her death and after his death her 2nd son (my father) will be the sole owner of the property. Basis the same, now the property is in my father’s name. My Father expired in 1995 without making any will. Now, my mother, my sister (married) and myself (married) are alive. I would like to know post my mother’s death, will I be the sole owner of the property or my sister can also claim share in it.

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I have a health insurance from Max Bupa since 2014 since i have taken a personal loan from Bajaj. Now I have a critical illness for which i have submitted the claim on 09 JUN 16 and the TAT is 45 days and after 45 days they said my Max Bupa Insurance form is not duly signed , so they again called me to the office and mentioned it will take another 15 days after the TAT is over , now I am continuously writing to them but there is no response. Can I take any legal action?

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I am not earning good enough in India to pay off my debts in Dubai. These bankers or their agents are continuously threatening my old aged Mother and other family members. They are telling that I will have an international travel ban and Interpol is also looking for me or issued an alert to catch me. I just wanted to know, is it true that I will have a travel ban in such cases, if I wanted to travel to USA or Any other country other than middle east? Can Interpol stop me? Can these companies file a case against me in India? Appreciate, your early response.

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I want to send legal notice to Pan card club India regarding refund of my money invested in one of their schemes. Could you assist with the same.

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require the step by step process to start a cafe business

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Hi, I want to buy flat in Bangalore. I am doing inquire about flats. But one builder told, There is no OC and CC for that complete G+5 apartment. If i want to buy 4th floor flat without OC and CC for all flats. But SBI Bank approval is there . Is it okay to buy this flat.Because i heard from some people , if i am going to cell same flat in future , it will be problem. please advice me, is it okay for going to buy this flat or not.

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As I say, the goon is now not emptying our plot and the buyer told us they only buy if we give him empty plot. We talk with that goon he is telling he will not move his truck ftom there at any cost. What are the legal option we have and how much time it takes? Please help.

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I filed a case against my uncle about proper distribution of property in 2013. Now the online case status is showing the “Awaiting Summons”. How much time will be taken by court to start actual trial of case after the Awaiting Summons status of civil case?

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I quit the company on 25th December and Company hasnt provided the Relieving letter and the Form16 for year(2016-17), also i have sent couple of mails, called them couple of times asking the same but there is no response from their end also visited the office once and they assured me that it will be done by EOD but the status is till the same. What should i be doing?

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I need to know details about how a partnership deed should be

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According to offer letter we have a clause of 3 month before information or compensate it with 3 month salary

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My J1 visa to the US expired on 23rd of December. I was on an internship and my employed gave me a job offer and is willing to sponsor my H1B. The issue is that I have a 212(e) requirement which means I need to spend two years in India before I can apply for a status change. However, this requirement can be waived off. The process to do is is very confusing. Can any here help me with the process as I’m already back in India.

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they sent me abroad just before my resignation on work but told me to take a tourist visa and they were not treating me well during my notice period. so I left.

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I am currently finding a lawyer in a specific field of practice, but unfortunately this particular type of lawyers are not vastly available in the area where it is happening.

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One of Customers is promising to pay but all cheques are getting returned due to insufficient funds

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its been 5 year ,still case going on.from last 3 year no hearing happen.how to request judge to give result.i am not only one,there are 300 students like me still facing issue.
College Name-International Institute of Information Technology

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As of now, no legal proofs are taken care. It’s been 6 months now

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I was diagnosed with TB in my spine hence had to immediately stop going to office with bed rest. After month i received letter from the employer that my services are terminated ( I contested that I have informed my manager about my medical condition therafter they advised me to resign from my servcies which I did).

Now six month later I have received notice from the organisation that I need to pay sum equivalent to one month salary along with interest @18% pa.
Please advise

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I don’t want to pay amount so what should I do now?

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My wife filed a false complaint that I have beaten her and went to police station on 16/9/2016 and police called me on 18/9/2016 and assaulted me in front of my wife and her relatives. She on her complaint also said that I was demanding money from her. I have recording in which she said that one of SI told her to write a false complaint against me. Ever since that Police has been calling for Counselling. They are picking me up from house for counselling. SHO is ordering this action.My wife is not ready to file 498a but wanted counselling and she wants to force enter my home again through Police. Earlier police ask me to Bring MOU. I drafted it and Shown to SHO and my wife but my wife refused to sign on it. Instead she wanted police to make a simply agreement and on that both of us should agree. I refused to such agreement. Can take action against police for assaulting and Torturing me. Whom to report.what action will take place on police? I am Muslim.I want justice

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